Pure Success
  • Generate more customer loyalty and satisfaction with a wide variety of consistently bold flavors, competitive prices and a demonstrable dedication to product safety. Facing price pressures from local and online competitors? Don’t continue to support e-Liquid manufacturing companies who undercut your prices online and diminish your profitability. Many e-liquid manufacturing companies sell the same products wholesale to individuals and non-legit “discount retailers.” Your bottom line will benefit from mandatory minimum retail prices and our methods of carefully discerning appropriate, qualified resellers.
  • Inventory management and cash-flow are two of the greatest factors affecting your store’s profitability. You can maintain optimal in-store stock levels with the fastest order turnaround times in the industry due to our In-Stock Assurance™ & Rapid-Ship Assurance™ programs.
  • Get professionally designed custom point-of-sale signs, marketing materials and POS displays at a nominal cost as an e-Pure customer. Also, take your Private Label e-liquids to the next level. We offer professional graphic design, waterproof labels, child & tamper-resistant bottles, custom, proprietary mixes & flavors that you can create. Maintain great margins and minimize your product liability risk exposure, while getting ahead of oncoming regulation.
Pure Quality
  • Our highly-qualified, degreed Chemist ensures ingredient and product consistency, integrity and quality with redundant internal testing and rigid laboratory protocols that adhere to cGMP regulations (These are the regulatory standards the FDA enforces for tobacco product manufacturers). We use only USP Food Grade, Kosher ingredients and the purest Pharmaceutical Grade nicotine.
  • Our dedication to premium products also shows in our fully-secure laboratory facility designed and constructed to surpass any and all future regulatory scrutiny. Lot Numbers and Born-On Dates are always printed on child and tamper-resistant containers. This means you can be certain your e-liquids are fresh and safe, with each ingredient traceable to its original source.
  • Our Mixologist is a certified Sous Chef with a Culinary Arts Degree. He’s been perfecting e-liquid mixes for five years. He successfully fulfills our unrelenting commitment to the boldest and best flavors. We use all-natural flavorings whenever possible and never add artificial sweeteners.
Pure Service
  • As an approved reseller, you’ll have a knowledgeable and professional Account Manager who will provide unmatched personal service and develop a deep understanding of your individual business needs.
  • We offer easy online ordering and low minimum order quantities. Extremely generous Volume-Based Pricing is determined by monthly purchase volume, not per order volume.
  • Few things cause more stress to retailers than having to tell their customers they’re out of stock on an item the customer wants now. Our In-Stock Assurance™ & Rapid-Ship Assurance™ programs don’t cost extra, they’re just a part of our customer service culture. With e~Pure, you won’t wait long for an order, and you won’t have back order surprises.

e-Pure e-Liquid Manufacturing and you; How much better can we be together?

You should know…
We are an e-Liquid manufacturing and WHOLESALE ONLY company.
Specifically, this means:

  1. We do not and will not compete with you for online sales.
  2. We don’t display any pricing online for public viewing.
  3. MSRP, Minimum Retail Prices, Wholesale and Quantity pricing is only available to registered and approved retailer accounts.
  4. In order to set up an account, a valid State Tax ID Number is required. We will confirm your tax status with your state and assign to you a professional account manager.
  5. We know you appreciate these policies, and will understand that the short delay (usually no more than 24 hours) is well worth the wait to avoid dealing with predatory and unscrupulous e-Liquid manufacturing companies and competitors.

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