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e-liquid manufacturersConsidering the e-liquid industry; our story began in a fairly common manner. After trying every other alternative and failing multiple times, we were still heavy smokers, desperate to quit. Then “vaping” worked. So our partners came together as big believers, with a new mission and common goal. That was to help others who were also struggling by increasing availability of the products that had dramatically changed our lives.

Starting out as e-cigarette and vapor supply retailers, we saw firsthand the benefits these products provided to our customers, solidifying our commitment even further. But something was amiss. We watched as e-liquid manufacturers and distributors entered the market, grossly deficient in the professional business acumen necessary to provide retailers with what they really need. We suffered the frustrations of product inconsistency, slow order turnaround times and invoices laden with backorders. We saw start-up e-liquid manufacturers lacking professionalism in their products and policies. We noted a distinct lack of solid customer service and clear communication. And in some cases, we even found ourselves in competition with our own suppliers, as they put up retailing websites and undercut our prices.

It’s also been heartbreaking to watch under-funded, so-called “e-liquid manufacturers”  cutting corners by buying cheap ingredients of unknown origin or content. Often mixing them in facilities no cleaner or more secure than someone’s garage. Many are doing this without testing the purity or consistency of either the ingredients or the final product. They’re distributing without benefit of proper recordkeeping, labeling, long-term lot sample storage or ability to trace any problems back to their source. And they’re packaging these liquids in containers lacking proper tamper proofing or child-resistance. It’s been no wonder the FDA has signaled intent to assert regulatory control over e-liquid retailers and e-liquid manufacturers alike. It became clear to us that the time had come to take swift, positive action.

So we shifted focus from retailing to e-liquid manufacturing. We decided to create a properly-funded company that:

  1. Starts with e-liquid manufacturing facilities and methods that meet or exceed cGMP standards (the standards the FDA use to regulate tobacco-related manufacturers), ensuring product purity and safety, and our ability to withstand all coming regulatory controls.
  2. Is staffed with highly-experienced professionals at all levels; the art, the science, the manufacturing and marketing.
  3. Makes a broad spectrum of premium quality e-Liquids with bold, consistent flavors at competitive prices, kept in-stock and shipped fast.

And that’s how e~Pure was born.