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House Committee Passes Amendment To Save E-Cigarettes!

The House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment Tuesday that could save 99 percent of e-cigarette products from prohibition. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to announce its so-called “deeming” regs, which would require all e-cigarette products that came on the market after February 15, 2007 (predicate date), to go through the onerous Pre-Market


Fly through TSA security with your vaping gear

  Spring is here and with the nice weather come a lot of travel plans. But maybe the thought of taking your vaping equipment with you is more than a little daunting with all of the headlines in the news. However, getting through security at major airports with your vaping equipment doesn't have to be


Sub Ohm Vaping Safety

Vaping Sub-Ohm Coils There is an incredible amount of information available for those who intend to vape at sub ohm resistances.  Much is this information is geared toward those who are very new at it, and so many of us who have been vaping this way for a while tend to skim through these quickly,


Most Vape Friendly Cities & Airports In America

For vaping enthusiasts who spend a great deal of time traveling for business or pleasure, there are a number of vape friendly cities and airports that can make your trip a great deal more enjoyable.  While some metropolitan areas of the United States are striving to snuff out our e-cigs and box mods, others are


Exploring the Potential Benefits of Nicotine

Today I hope to give you an insight into one of the most stigmatized stimulants, the one and only Nicotine. For the last few decades successful anti-smoking campaigns have lumped cigarettes, a cocktail of harmful chemicals paired with a social experience, with nicotine, a neuroactive compound that occurs naturally in tobacco. At the outset I would


Are E-Cigarettes an Effective Way to Quit Smoking?

  Former smokers who have used e-cigs as a way to quit smoking say they are more effective than other approved cessation tools. The critics say there is too much unknown about their health effects to recommend them as a smoking cessation device. Cigarette smoking has become significantly less popular in the U.S. over the


New Laws Pushing Poor Back To Smoking

Vape product taxation is on the rise in the United States, and the poor are paying for it. As WPTZ reported earlier this week, the Vermont House of Representatives voted to impose a tax on vaping products. The 92 percent state tax on vaping kits and e-juices would see the price of vape juices rise from $20


Expert Says Vaping Could Save Lives

  As the long battle to get vaping recognized as a safe alternative to smoking continues, one expert has come forth to explain why vaping could save lives. In a Wall Street Journal article posted earlier this week, Professor Jed E. Rose laid out how vaping reduces and could potentially eliminate smoking altogether. And as a professor


Researchers say that e-cig warnings omit potential benefits

Federal public-health officials may be neglecting their do-no-harm vows by downplaying or dismissing the potential reduced-harm role of electronic cigarettes, according to two researchers. In a report in the International Journal of Drug Policy, researchers Lynn Kozlowski and David Sweanor take to task officials with the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and