Raspberry Limeade e-liquid

– We proudly manufacture our liquid in laboratory and clean room facilities in Olathe Kansas that strictly adhere to cGMP, cGDP, and cGLP guidelines and protocols.  Every ingredient that is utilized to create our liquid is sourced from the United States of America to ensure that our product maintains the highest possible level of purity and consistency.


PureY4 e-liquid

– Our liquid contains USP grade nicotine sourced from the United States of America to provide you the purest, most consistent product on the market.




Pure Pomegranate e-liquid

– Our facilities and equipment adhere to “current good manufacturing practice” standards set in place by the food and drug administration. Adherence to CGMP regulations assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of drug products developed in the United States



Tropical Blend e-liquid

– Our e-Liquid undergoes extensive testing prior to being bottled to ensure quality and consistency throughout the entire liquid manufacturing process. Utilizing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technology we monitor the purity and density of our nicotine in both the starting and finished product.  Our liquid is manufactured in a clean room that adheres to FDA standards for producing pharmaceutical grade products, with safety and cleanliness guidelines that ensure the purity and quality of your final product.


Pure Pomegranate e-liquid

– Recent studies have suggested that Sucralose, which is commonly used as an artificial sweetener, produces undesirable chemical byproducts when subjected to continuously high levels of heat.  We will NEVER add artificial sweeteners to our product, ensuring that our product consistently maintains the highest level of purity possible.



Strawberry Shortcake e-liquid

– Utilizing USP Food Grade, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol in tandem with USP Grade nicotine guarantees that the base of your product is comprised of FDA approved ingredients that adhere to the strictest of guidelines.  The use of these base ingredients ensures the purity, quality, and consistency of your finished product.




Pure Peach e-liquid

– We blend our Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin levels to a 50/50 ratio.  Using HPLC technology to monitor the ratio before and after nicotine has been added, we are confident that our ratio is as exact as science will allow.  We believe that this is the optimal blend for use in a vast majority of electronic cigarettes, as it possesses both a satisfying throat hit, and produces a healthy amount of vapor.


Pure Lemon Lime e-liquid

– Once our liquid has been bottled, it is stored in our distribution facility to prevent photooxidation (a process in which long term exposure to light degrades the nicotine contained within the liquid.) stored alongside each completed batch is a lot sample.  If, for any reason, there is a discrepancy with the quality of our product, we guarantee the ability to subject a specific flavor and nicotine strength to further testing.  This practice is carried out with every drop of liquid that we create at any given time.